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Gendarmerie Pistol by Monseur c1830


A Gendarmerie percussion pistol from around 1830 that is in excellent condition.
The .61 calibre octagonal to round barrel measures 6 inches and overall the pistol measures 9 ½ inches.
All the marking on the metal and stock are very clear. The manufacture ‘E. MONSEUR A LIEGE’ is clearly marked on the lock plate and the breech. Various inspection marks appear on the brass work and also on the original rammer. The stock also has three very clear cartouches.
The action is strong and the pistol appears to have been made with no half cock.
Sold as a collector item only.
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The end of the original steel rammer is is encased in brass so as not to damage the barrel’s rifling.

The pistol is in good working order with a crisp action. Apart from a few spots in the barrel there is no pitting or corrosion anywhere on this pistol.

The stock shows some ware and there is a well repaired crack at the wrist

The officer’s pistols were made to a higher standard and finish than the usual cavalry man’s pistol, for example a flat lock plate compared to this pistol’s rounded lock plate. Most officers came from aristocratic backgrounds and this pistols were designed to appeal to them.

These pistols were used by the French Cavalry from 1833 up to the Franco Prussian war, 1870 – 1871.

Sold as an antique collector item only.

Price includes insurance and postage in Australia, lay-buy available.

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