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About Us – Antique guns for sale in Australia

Steel & Shot, authentic antique arms, takes pleasure in filling a special niche for the antique arms collectors of Australia.  Depending on availability our offerings are sourced locally and overseas. They range from before the time of Cook’s voyages up to the Kelly era with items to suit the beginner through to the investor.

As a hobby business Steel & Shot has grown out of a love and fascination [my long suffering wife would say ”obsession”] with antique arms. I am fascinated by the technical innovation and development, along with the history and artistry of these objects and artefacts.

If any of these items are of interest, or you just want to chat about antique arms, drop us a line or two via the contact page.

One thing I ask is that you be aware of your state’s laws regarding some of these items. We will not knowingly put any of our customers in breach of their state’s laws. A list of state firearms registries is on the links page.

Collector clubs and associations can also be useful sources of information some of which are listed on the links page. I strongly urge customers to join their local clubs, they contain a wealth of fascinating knowledge.

All prices are in Australian Dollars [AUD] and unless stated otherwise all prices include signature postage and insurance within Australia. Lay-buy via the never-never is also available.

Thanks for checking out the web site,

Cheers John L

Steel & Shot