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Very Early Long Sea Service Pistol 1730 – 1745

A very early British long sea service flintlock pistol. The style of the trigger guard and trigger, the unbridled pan and the thin barrel wall all point to this pistol being made some where from 1730 to no later than 1745.
The .65 calibre round unsighted smoothbore barrel measures 12 inches with the whole pistol measuring just over 19 inches.
Any identifying marks on the flat lock have been removed by time and corrosion with just a hint of a broad arrow mark under the pan. The cock is a period replacement. The lock is in working order and the internal springs are original to the pistol.
The brass side plate, trigger guard and skull crusher butt cap are all in good condition. The rammer appears to be a very old replacement that is now a bit too short for use. Also where the belt should be is a vacant hole.
Apart from the fore end which shows significant damage the full length stock is in good condition.
Sea service pistols this early regardless of condition don’t come up for sale often.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. F81

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