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Untouched India Pat Flintlock Trade Musket c1840

A very good condition India Pattern Brown Bess trade musket from around 1840.
The sighted smooth bore barrel measures 39 inches with Birmingham proofs and a 12 bore stamping (0.729 calibre).
The lock is a George III surplus military lock with the ‘GR’ cypher and ‘TOWER’ marking. Standard brass furniture with correct rammer pipes and iron swivels cast iron trigger.
The oiled stock is made of the cheaper Beech instead of Walnut and is in very good condition.
The rammer is correct for a Bess but has been shortened and the cock won’t release from full cock without assistance.
These trade muskets were usually used to death and then finally used as fencing for the chicken coop. Not this one, it is an exceptionally good condition for what it is.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. L20

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