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South Australian French Made Pat 53 Musket c1856

When the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) started the British found them selves woefully short of arms and in the mad scramble to meet the short fall orders were also sent to Belgium and France. The British Government always considered any foreign made firearm to be inferior and when the war was over these muskets where sent to the colonies and some even to the USA during their Civil War.
This is a 2nd model Pattern 1853 dated 1856 that came to South Australia.
The 39 inch round barrel is of .577 caliber [25 bore] with 3 groove rifling. Over all the musket measures the standard 55 inches with standard brass furniture.
The lock plate is stamped with the VR cypher, ‘1856’ and an ordinance inspection mark. The barrel has Birmingham proofs indicating that it may have been re-proofed before being sent to the colonies.
The three barrel bands and rammer are stamped with various inspection marks and numbers. The butt plate tang has the South Australian marking of ‘G’ & ‘8’ and the stock has a faint Board of Ordinance rondel dated 1856 with the arrow pointing to the right. This suggests French manufacture, [see The Military Small Arms of South Australia 1839 – 1901 by Anthony Harris].
Some of these South Australia muskets also ended up in New Zealand during the Mori Wars.
Overall this musket is in a good to very good condition with the usual dings and bruises and is in excellent working order.
Sold as a collector item only.
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