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Small Bronze Lantanka Swivel cannon

The family story goes that this old small bronze Lantanka swivel cannon was dredged up from a now unknow South East Asian harbor over 40 years ago. Sadly, dementia has removed any other details.
The cannon measures just under 19 inches and is about .75 inches at the muzzle. The swivel is also bronze.
The dark patina and encrustation does suggest that this Lantanka has spent many years under water and is not a recent copy. The holes and damage around the muzzle also suggest that the cannon met with some misfortune.
Originally based on the larger early 16th / 17th century Dutch and Portuguese design these smaller cannons became a show of wealth and prestige and in some cases even use as a form a currency.
The Lantanka come with a custom-made display stand.
An interesting item that does not come up for sale every often in Australia.
Sold as a genuine antique, price includes shipping in Australia.
Stock No. F82

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