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Scarce Swiss Model 1851 Percussion Sniper Rifle


A scarce civilian, probably Italian made, Swiss Model 1851 ‘Feldstutzer’ muzzle loading percussion rifle.

The model 1851 was the first European military rifle to adopt the smaller 10.4mm [.41 caliber] bore, down from the larger 18mm [.71 caliber]. Only a small number of 1851s were made and these where only issued to sharpshooters.

The octagonal to round barrel measures 84cm [just over 30 inches], is fitted with a dove tailed fore sight, the unique model 1851 elevating tangent rear sight, numbered 104 and righthand bayonet socket. Unlike the military 1851s, the barrel tang on this one has provision for rear target sight.

The barrel is also marked with ‘LECCO’, ACCIAJO FUSO’ ‘104’ and (what maybe) proof marks.

The plain flat hump back case hardened lock is marked ‘FAB.D’ARMI LOMB. / LECCO’. The action, with its set trigger mechanism, is in excellent working order.

The all-steel furniture including the finger spur trigger guard and heavy hooked butt plate are in very good condition.

The full length walnut stock is in good condition with the expected bumps and scrapes. There is a stress crack visible the left side emanating from the lock screw. See photos. The font sling swivel is absent.

There is a small brass plate forward of the butt tang reading the word ‘PEVERELLI’. Probably the original owner.

The rammer with its brass tip is original to the rifle.

All in all, a very interesting and scarce percussion rifle in very good condition.

Sold as collector item only.

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