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Dutch Patten 1815 Flintlock Musket

A scarce .69 calibre smooth bore Dutch flintlock musket in good condition. Production of these muskets was based on the French model 1777 (year IX) musket began after the first abdication of Napoleon.
This musket is referred to as the number 2 Infantry Musket because of its slightly shorter barrel 108.4 cm (42 ½ inches) against 111.8 cm for the number 1.
8,000 of these number 2 muskets where contracted to the company Devillers of Liege in September 1814 so some of these number 2’s could have easily made it to the battle of Waterloo. The number 1 and 2 muskets and later the number 3 percussion conversion where made from 814 to 1842.
This musket is in good used but not abused condition with a strong action on both full and half cock. There are clear proof and inspections marks on the metal and the wood with a nice roundel on the stock.
There is no maker name anywhere.
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