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Refurbished Conversion Howdah Pistol

An impressive looking large refurbished Howdah double barrel percussion pistol marked Bissell from around 1800 and later converted to percussion.
The re-browned barrels measure just under 8 inches and the whole pistol measures 13 ½ inches. The refurbishment removed the makers name from the top rib and thinned one barrel out from .68 calibre to .70 calibre.
Both locks are engraved and marked ‘BISSELL’. Both actions hold full and half cock but the right lock releases with very light trigger pressure.
Both nipples are replacements of different size with the right-side nipple drum being very loose. The right-side hammer has also been heat treated and adjusted to fit the nipple. One sliding safety is also a replacement.
The trigger guard and rammer pipe are in a good re-blued condition. The rammer is a replacement.
The stock is in a good condition with a finely checked grip and vacant echelon.
All in all an impressive display piece for any man cave.
Sold as a collector item only.
Please be aware that there are licensing requirements for this item in some jurisdictions.
Price includes postage within Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. P83C

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