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Pistol of Musket Bore by Parker, Field & Sons

A very large and heavy smoothbore pistol that has had some repair work done. Originally this pistol was made by Parker Field and Sons of 233 Holborn St London around 1850.
The round .75 calibre smoothbore barrel with attached swivel rammer measures 9 inches with the whole pistol measuring almost 16 inches. A large pistol.
The lock is marked ‘’PARKER FIELD & SONS’ and the barrel has Birmingham proofs.
The action will not hold half or full cock and the trigger is frozen.
At some stage the pistol suffered a severe trauma which resulted in the lower 2 ½ inches of the grip being replaced. The wood was not correctly shaped to fit the butt cap, leaving small gaps.
Sold as a collector item only
Price includes postage and insurance in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. P82

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