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Model 1822 Gendarmerie pistol conversion c1841

An excellent plus condition Model 1822 Gendarmerie pistol. The conversions of the model 1822 Gendarmerie flintlock pistols started in 1841.
The round .67 calibre smoothbore barrel measures 5 inches with the pistol measuring 9 ¾ inches.
The lock plate clearly reads ‘Mre Rle / de Mruleuge’ and the barrel has clear date, inspection and conversion marks. For example, 1822 is clearly visible on the barrel tang.
The action is crisp and strong with half cock holding the hammer just above the nipple. All the steel parts are smooth with light a patina on some parts.
The stock is in excellent condition with no cracks or missing bits.
The serial or conversion number ‘14’ appears on the stock, barrel and button rammer.
Over all this pistol is in excellent condition.
Sold as a collector item only
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. P73JA68

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