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Miners Pistol by Ancell, Perth Scotland c1850

This pistol is typical of the many cheap box lock pistols brought to the Australian colonies during the gold rush era.
The pistol measures 7 inches with a .50 calibre 2 ¾ inch screw off smooth bore barrel which is stuck firmly to the frame. The right side of the frame in engraved ‘ANCELL’ while the left is engraved ‘PERTH’. A Birmingham proof is found in front of the trigger guard.
The slab-sided grip is in good condition with a vacant oval echelon and has what appears to be a replaced screw.
The action preleases from what appears to be half cock and does not hold full cock.
The overall state of this pistol is consistent with exposure to the ruff and ready condition of the time.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. P87

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