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Massive Goose Flintlock Gun by Welch c1815

A rare and massive flintlock goose gun made around 1815 – 1820 probably by Jabez Bloxham Welch of Banbury in Oxfordshire.
The sighted .75 calibre smoothbore barrel measures a whopping 44 inches with the whole long arm measuring 60 inches.
The lock, cock, frizzen and barrel all in good condition with differing levels of frosting and old corrosion. The lock plate is faintly marked ‘WELCH’ and the barrel has post 1813 proof marks. The action is in good working order.
The bore is also in good condition.
The brass trigger guard has a acorn final and a long tang as does the brass butt. All the brass furniture is in a very good condition.
The walnut half stock is in a very solid condition with the expected handling marks. The top of the first barrel key seems to have suffered some slight damage.
This is a large long arm weighing in at about 5kg. The style of the gun with its wooden rammer, loosely resembles an early Brown Bess but everything has been up sized including the beech which accounts for much of the weight.
Sold as a collector item only.
Because of its size there will be an addition shipping charge.
Stock No. L23JG

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