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Massive Breech Percussion Elephant gun c1870


A very heavy, about 7 kgs, unmarked longarm. A genuine antique.

The sighted, octagonal to round, smoothbore Damascus, .71 calibre barrel, measures 39 inches. The whole arm measures 55 inches. The massive breech, with an appropriate sized bolster, has a width of just over 1 ¾ inches. The bore is in good condition.

Like the barrel, the plain back action lock has no manufacturer’s details but has copious amounts of original colour and finish. See photos. The action is in excellent working order.

The all-iron furniture is also in very good condition again, with copious amounts of original finish.

The three quarter length stock is also in good condition with a thickly molded grip. See photos. This would probably assist in managing the massive recoil.

In its day it was probably not recommended for anything smaller than a rhinoceros.

Overall an excellent example of a hunting arm that would enhance any collection, especially one associated with big game hunting.

Sold as a collector item only.

Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.

Stock No. L52

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