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Le Page Presentation Travelling Pistol c1852


A rare and desirable presentation travelling pistol with shoulder stock by the renowned French maker Lepage Moutier of Paris dated 1852.

The pistol was presented to Charles Auguste Louis Joseph Demory (1811 – 1865) the Duke of Morny and Minister for the Interior. Demory was a French political leader and played an important role in establishing his half brother Charles Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte as Emperor Napoleon III in 1851.

The .58 calibre screw off cannon barrel measures 5 ½ inches with the whole pistol measuring 13 ½ inches. With the shoulder stock it measures 22 ½ inches. The action is in good working order.

‘Lepage Moutier a Paris’ and ‘1852’ are engraved in front of the hammer with the presentation details forward of the trigger guard.

The barrel, breech, trigger guard and hammer have a mixture of engraving and cold chisel craftmanship. The grip has silver wire inlays with carving behind the barrel tang and a carved face on the butt.

The detached stock has a soft leather cheek rest and a storage compartment. There is age cracking now on the leather.

Overall the pistol is in excellent condition and the providence is beyond dispute. Rarely does such providence come to the market.

Sold as a collector item only.

Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.

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