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Le Page barreled double barrel flintlock

An interesting double barrel flintlock pistol with barrels made by the famous French house of ‘Le Page’.
The rifled and polished barrel are of .70 caliber and measure 6 ¼ inches. The whole pistol measures 12 ½ inches. The barrels are engraved ‘FOURNI PAR’ and ‘LE PAGE’ which roughly translates to ‘provided by Le Page’. While the barrels have been polished the micro grooved rifling has not.
Both the flat locks are unadorned and bear not makers or retailer’s name. Both locks are in working order. The trigger guard, with spur and butt cap are also unadorned.
The three-quarter stock with checked grip is in good condition with the rammer entry and rammer tip both being made of horn. The rammer is original to the pistol.
Double barreled flintlock pistols are rare with many being highly decorated. This plain one seems to have been made for serious use.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage in Australia, lay buy is available.
Stock No. F92JA78

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