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Large Bore Belgium Percussion Pistol c1860

A solid large bore Liège [Belgium] made single shot percussion pistol dating from around 1860.
The .66 caliber multi grooved octagonal barrel with front and rear sights measures almost 9 inches with the whole pistol measuring 14 inches.
Engraving is found on the hammer, breech, butt and spur trigger guard. All the metal components are smooth with faded original finish. The exception around the nipple and an area of minor corrosion on the butt.
The action holds full and half cock but will only release from full to half.
The three-quarter stock appears to be of a softer wood that walnut with more bruising than one would expect given the condition of the metal work. Having said that the stock is still in a very solid condition with no splits or cracks.
The horn tipped rammer with worm appears original to the pistol.
Over all a large and very solid percussion pistol.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage with insurance within Australia.

Stock No. P86

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