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Kelly Era Alexander Star mail order rifle

This long arm seems to have been made later in the percussion era and is typical of the mail order rifles sold to the colonies.
The octagonal .53 smoothbore barrel measures about 29 inches and the whole arm measures 45 inches. If the barrel had rifling then it has been well and truly shot out and the makers details are also no longer readable on the top barrel flat.
The lock and hammer appear to be coated with some substance that I am not aware off. The action is weak and does not hold full cock.
The butt, squared trigger guard, rammer pipe and grip cap are made of a white metal. The half stock is in a good condition and embellished with a small 8 pointed star and a large 12 pointed star.
The larger star is engraved ‘THE ALEXANDER STAR RIFLE’. The rammer is now too short to be used.
An interesting item from our colonial past that would have looked quite attractive to the mail order clientele of the 1800s.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. L26

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