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James Rodgers Percussion Knife Pistol

The James Rodgers percussion knife pistol is a real firearms oddity seeing that the company of Urwin and Rodgers where better known for their manufacture of Bowie knives, daggers, dirks and folding knives.
The .30 calibre brass octagonal barrel with Birmingham proofs measures 3 3/8 inches with the pistol measuring 6 ½ inches and 10 inches with the blades extended.
The blades are pitted and the marks hard to read but you can make out ‘JAMES / RODGERS / SHEFIELD’ on one blade and ‘WHALER’ and ‘STRIKE’ on the other.
The cow horn side plates are in good condition and the butt cap compartment still has its lid.
The action does not hold full cock and releases from half cock and the rammer and bullet mold are absent.
While not in pristine condition it will still make an interesting item for any collection.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage within Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. P60C

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