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Henshaw Queen Anne conversion pistols 1770 / 1820

A matching pair of Queen Anne pistols most likely made by William Henshaw who is recorded as operating at 181 The Strand London in 1763.
Originally made as flintlocks for a family of means they were converted to percussion, probably around 1820.
The .44 caliber cannon barrel measures a little over 2 ¼ inches with each pistol measuring 8 inches overall with the locks marked ‘HENSHAW / STRAND’. and ‘LONDON’.
The barrels bare private proofs and are numbered ‘1’ and ‘2’ matching each pistol.
An unknown family crest or emblem is on each pistol and there are no hallmarks on the silver grotesque butts.
The pistols are worn but there is a good amount of original finish on the barrels. Both actions have issues, one does not easily release from full cock and the other does not hold full cock.
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