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Ornate Brass Inlaid Italian Flintlock Pistol c1725


An early and ornate small Italian Flintlock Pistol with brass inlays dating from around 1725.
The smoothbore .48 calibre octagonal to round barrel is 5 ¾ inches with some engraving and brass inlays.
The flat banana shaped lock and cock also have brass inlays with a makers identification of ‘A MO ..’ [see photos].
The carved full walnut stock is in a very good condition with no shrinkage evident. The butt cap, trigger guard, long rammer pipe, lock plate and side plate are all a tight fit. The rammer is original to the pistol.
The pistol measures about 10 ½ inches overall and the strong action still works as intended.
All the brass furniture has some level of carving or engraving with a female bust repeated six times on various parts. Probably designed to appeal to the mostly male audience of the time.
Over all this item is still in remarkable condition after almost 300 years.
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