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French Model 1806 [Year XIII] c 1812

A genuine Napoleonic era 1806 model French Cavalry pistol made in 1812.
The unsighted .70 calibre smoothbore barrel measures 7 inches while the whole pistol measures 13 ½ inches.
The lock plate is marked ‘Mra Rle / Di Napoli’ meaning that the pistol was made in the Kingdom of Naples for the French. The king at the time was Joachim Murat (1767 – 1815) Napoleon’s brother-in-law.
The three quarter length stock is in very good condition and there are various inspection and acceptance marks on the pistol. The rammer is original to the pistol.
Pitting on the lock, barrel and indents on the frizzen are signs of serious use .The pistol has had a recent heavy clean and polish.
The action is in working order but the cock is very, very loose and the action should no longer be engaged.
An added bonus is the manufacture date, 1812, which is found on the inside of the lock.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. F62P

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