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Russian Brass Body pistol c1779


A solid cannon barrelled brass bodied flintlock coat pistol made in Tula dated 1779.
The round cannon barrel measures about 5 ¾ inches with a 7/8th inch muzzle flare.
The right hand side of the box lock is engraved with Cyrillic alphabet characters for ‘TULA’ a centre of Russian arms manufacture from the time of Peter the Great. The lower left side of the lock is dated 1779 and inspection marks of ‘P’ and ‘AC’ stamped under the barrel.
The rounded grip is in a solid condition a good amount of silver wiring still present. Note that there is some clear tape holding some of the wire in place at the rear of the grip [see photo].
The action is stiff but still in working order.
Flintlocks from Tula are not often encountered in the antique market.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage in Australia, lay buy available.

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