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French model 1777 Flintlock Cavalry pistol

A very good example of a French model 1777 Flintlock Cavalry pistol made by the French National Armoury at Maubeuge in northern France. First introduced in 1779 to replace the 1763/1766 Model they were produced up till around 1792 with 15,000 coming from Maubeuge.
Included with this offering is an original Saint Helena Medal which was decreed by Emperor Napoleon III in 1857 and given to surviving veterans of Napoleon I’s ‘débris de la Grande Armée’. The ribbon has faded from the original red and green.The round .70 Cal tapering smoothbore barrel measures 17cm [about 7.5 inches] and the whole pistol measures 13 inches.
The brass frame is clearly marked ‘Maubeuge’ below the cock and there is an arsenal mark next to the pan. There are no other marking visible on the pistol. The rammer appears to be original to the pistol.
The stock is in good condition with the usual handling marks one would expect from a pistol that was made before the first tent was pitch in Sydney Harbour in 1788. Later production pistols did not have the arsenal name on the frame.
Originally produced with a belt hook the cavalry quickly identified the hook has an impediment and removed them. Later version where made without the hook. This one was originally made with a belt hook.
Overall the pistol is in a very good to excellent condition with little or no pitting and in good crisp working order.
Sold as an antique only.
Price includes insurance and postage in Australia, lay buy is available.
Stock No. F14

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