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Greatcoat Percussion Pistol by Camfield c1840

A solid heavy greatcoat from a provincial English gun maker featuring a thick walled .54 calibre 6 inch round barrel with a pin head front sight. Overall the pistol is 11 inches in length.
Engraving to the back action lock, trigger guard, hammer and barrel tang with ‘CAMFIELD’ engraved on the lock. Metal parts so some light corrosion and the bore is good.
The action is in good working order, holding half cock and releasing from full cock.
The stock is in a solid condition. There are two cracks that seem to have been expertly repaired, one on the left side of the checked grip and the other under the lock.
The retaining spring in the rammer channel is broken so the swivel rammer slides out when tipped past the horizontal.
Sold as a collector item only
Price includes postage in Australia, lay buy available.
Stock No. P61

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