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Large Spanish Miquelet Conversion Pistol


A large Spanish Miquelet pistol that was converted to percussion around 1840 though the pistol itself appears to be much older.
The .62 calibre octagonal barrel measures just under 13 ½ inches which is held in place by a brass band and iron spring. The whole pistol measures almost 21 inches.
The metal on the hammer and drum nipple conversion are in better condition than the lock, belt hook and barrel further suggesting that the pistol is much older than 1840.
The lock is in working order.
The stock with its unusual fish scale patterned grip is in a solid condition with the usual dents and bruises you would expect given its age.
The rammer appears to be original to the pistol but is now too short to be used.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes postage in Australia.

Stock No. P57JA28

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