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1851 Austrian Cavalry Tube Lock Pistol


A very sturdy example of a scares Austrian Model 1851 Cavalry pistol that uses the Augustin Lock or Tube Lock ignition system.
The 16.8mm or .66 Calibre smoothbore barrel is 25cm or 9.8 inches in length. Most of the markings on the barrel and lock are no longer visible but the manufacture date ‘852’ for 1852 is still clear on the lock.
The trigger guard, club butt and the double strapped barrel band with the front sight are all made of brass.
The stock is made from Austrian Beech wood and is in good condition with no cracks or missing bits only the usual handling marks. There is no provision for a rammer, these where attached to riders belt. This model also has a ‘Tragring’ or carrying ring attached to the butt.
All the parts for the lock and the Augustin mechanism are present and fully functional.
Overall the pistol measures about 16 ½ inches and weighs in at a hefty 1500g or 3 ½ pounds. One very solid military pistol. These pistols were not around for long as the Austrians adopted the percussion system in 1856.
A chance to add a very unusual pistol that is in good condition to your collection.
Price includes postage with insurance in Australia, lay buy is available.

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