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Flobert Style Saloon Pistol

This is a good example of a parlor or saloon pistol based on the French inventor Louis Flobert’s metallic rimfire cartridge design of 1845. While Flobert made few of these pistols, the popularity of indoor shooting saw many other makers taking up his pistol design in the later part of the 19th century.
This example has the separate breech block similar to some of Remington’s small caliber arms.
The 5mm sighted, octagonal barrel measures just over 9 inches while the whole arm measures, 14 ½ inches. No proof or manufactures marks appear on the barrel.
The barrel tang, spur trigger guard and butt all have clear acanthus leaf engraving. All metal parts have an even corrosion free patina and sharp edging.
The action is in perfect working order.
The walnut stock with its deeply carved fluted grip and floral design, fore stock is in very good condition with little signs of use.
Overall, a very good example of a 19th century parlor pistol.
Remington was one of the manufacturers who took up the Flobert design and continued to make long arms using the Flobert cartridge until the 1930s.
Therefore, although this pistol was made pre 1900, ammunition is still available.
Check with your relevant authorities / firearms registry about any license or registration requirements in you state or territory.
Stock No. CA24MW

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