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Commercial New Land Pattern c1820

A very sturdy New Land Pattern flintlock pistol from Birmingham made for the commercial market.
The .65 Cal smooth bore 9 inch barrel has the post 1815 Birmingham proof marks and an attached swivel rammer which is original to the pistol.
The lock plate bears a crown and the word ‘TOWER’. Neither of these marks were true and were only put there to enhance the pistols appeal to a gullible buying public.
The brass furniture appears untouched with a nice aged patina.
The stock has quite a few handling marks and indentations with a chip missing near the tang and bees wax filler near the nose cap [right hand side] and near the side plate.
The action is errant. It hold half and full cock but does not release when the trigger is pulled. The rammer will also slide out at its own accord when tilted down.
All in all it is still a solid Birmingham commercial pistol.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes insurance and postage in Australia, lay buy is available.
Stock No. F17

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