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Commercial Light Dragoon Pattern by Patrick c1820

A good example of a full stocked officer’s pistol made by Jeremiah Patrick of Liverpool around 1820 to imitate the military light dragoon pistols of the day.
The unsighted .62 calibre smoothbore barrel measures 9 inches while the whole pistol measures 14 inches. The barrel is Birmingham proofed with a barrel makers mark and is engraved ‘LIVERPOOL’ at the breech.
The lock features a roller frizzen spring and is engraved ‘PATRICK’. The action hold both half and full cock and still releases. The last owner appears to have scratched a catalogue number ‘IX30’ inside the pan.
The trigger guard and rammer pipes are brass and the original brass tipped rammer also has an extraction worm.
The walnut stock is in a good smooth condition with very few handling marks.
The pistol suffered a mishap in the past with some wood behind the lock being expertly replaced. Also a trigger tang screw and the barrel tang sit slightly proud of the woodwork.
Jeremiah Patrick was is noted as making good quality arms and this is a fair example of his work.
Sold as a collector item only.
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