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Civil War Era Model 1854 LeFaucheux Pinfire

At the start of the American Civil War the large model 1854 LeFaucheux 12mm pinfire revolver was the most advanced military handgun in the world. It’s advantage over a percussion revolver was obvious. It took about 2 minutes to load a 1851 Colt Navy with combustible cartridges while it took about 35 seconds to reload the pinfire.
Although only 13,000 where officially imported for use by the US Government many more where thought to have been imported by other agents north and south. It is known that some units commanded by Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest carried these model 1854s.
This six shot French 1854 model Lefaucheux patent pinfire revolver has a sighted round barrel measuring just over 6 inches and the whole arm measures about 11 ¼ inches. Only remnants of the address line are visible on top of the barrel.
The markings of ‘INVON E LEFAUCHEUX / BREVETE SGDG (PARIS)’ is still mostly visible on the left side of the frame and the Lefaucheux prefixed serial number of ‘LF 9397’ is clearly visible of the right side. This dates the revolver to before 1861.
Although this revolver is only in a fair condition with evident corrosion and a repair to the grip, the double action is in good order and the ejector rod with its retaining spring is still present and straight.
Sold as a collector item only.
Please note that while this pistol uses an obsolete cartridge regulations and licensing vary from state to state, check with your appropriate authority.
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