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Cased Tranter Double Trigger Percussion Revolver

A very interesting cased 2nd model 54 bore 5 shot Tranter percussion revolver from around 1856.
The revolver itself is in a good used condition with the standard features, spurless hammer, 6 3/8 inch sighted barrel, side loading leaver, borderline and foliate engraving to the frame, trigger guard and butt cap. The cylinder pin retaining spring and Y shaped safety spring are both present and the checkering on the grips is still crisp.
The cylinder has English proof and the frame is numbered ‘20604’ and the double trigger is marked ‘TRANTERS PATENT NO. 2124’.
The action is in good working order.
This is where it gets interesting. The top strap is engraved with the head of a unicorn, possibly a family crest. When this revolver originally surfaced to the market, in 2012, it was said to have documentation linking it to a Captain J. W. Cohen, acting commander of the Ngaire Rifle Volunteers New Zealand. By the time it came to my possession the documentation was missing. A pity.
The mahogany case is also interesting. Firstly, it was not made for this revolver but an earlier model or it was not correctly made. Note how the front sight was worn away the woodwork.
Secondly the original loading instructions show an earlier model Tranter with a separate loading leaver. This exact label appears on page 33 of Rob Stewart’s book ‘The Firearms of William Tranter’.
The William Hollis trade label is also original.
The accompanying accoutrements all appear correct with the exception of the Sykes powder flask, which is slightly too large and the lubricating tin which is a well-made modern construction. The cap tin still contains caps.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available, but the caps cannot be sent by post.
Please be aware that there are licensing requirements for this item in some jurisdictions.
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