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Cased Pepperbox by Thomas Monck

An excellent example of the provincial gunmaker’s skills from Thomas Monck of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Monck is recorded as working in Stamford from around 1840 to 1857.
This is a very good larger sized six shot pepperbox marked T. B. Monck, presented in a modern case with a mixed bag of accessories.
The 40 caliber barrel cluster, measured from the back of the cluster is 3 ¾ inches. The cluster bears Birmingham proofs and the whole arm measures just over 8 ½ inches.
The left side of the frame has a two line engraving of ‘T B MONCK / STAMFORD’. The trigger guard and domed butt cap with percussion cap trap are engraved but the frame and nipple shield appear to be a mix of engraving and relief carving.
The action is in excellent working order.
The finely checked walnut grip, with grooved ball shaped pommel and vacant silver echelon, is in very good condition.
With the exception of the japanned Eley cap tin all the accessories appear to be period items, but not necessarily related to the pepperbox. Still a nice display.
An above average pepperbox in a size not often seen.
Sold as a collector item only
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available.
Please be aware that there are licensing requirements for this item in some jurisdictions.
Stock No. R61

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