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Blunderbuss by Clarke of Dublin c1800


A rare Irish blunderbuss by C Clarke of Dublin, in excellent condition. Clarke is recorded as working in Dublin around 1800.

The two stage, octagonal to round, brass barrel has a bore of 1 ½ inches at the muzzle and measures 14 ½ inches in length. Overall, the whole arms measures 30 inches.

The barrel bears Irish private proofs with the top flat clearly marked ‘CLARKE = DUBLIN’. Adjacent to this is the Irish Registration Act of 1843 number of ‘TY 6275’. TY being for the Ulster County of Tyrone.

The plain, stepped lock features a swan necked cock, integral pan and is clearly inscribed ‘CLARKE’.

The action is in excellent working order.

The brass furniture is in very good condition with a pleasing mellow patina. The butt plate also stamped with the Irish Registration Act of 1843 number of ‘TY 6275’.

The plain grade walnut full stock is also in very good condition with some staining and a small chip missing from the toe. See photos. The original rammer is missing its brass, or horn, head piece.

All in all an excellent example of a rare Irish blunderbuss. Genuine Irish flintlocks are hard to come by and an Irish blunderbuss even harder.

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