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A Real Old Mongrel Dog c1690

Offered here is a very poor condition but very old and rare cut down dog lock musket that at best guess is at least 300 years old.
The club butt with the hand rail styling is typical of 17th century Dutch or German design.
The cut down two stage smoothbore barrel now measures 29 ½ inches with the whole arms measuring about 45 inches.
The dog lock is missing the dog catch and although the spring is strong there is no half of full cock. All the iron metal work has that very fine pitting that typically develops when such an item has been left hanging unattended on an English or European wall for a 100 years or more.
The stock is very battered with the fore end loose. The rammer looks very old but is now too short, one lock screw is missing and the barrel is out of round at the muzzle.
Definitely in poor condition but very attractive in an ugly sort of way.
Sold as a collector item only.
Price includes shipping in Australia, lay buy available
Stock No. L21

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